Customer Testimonials

Anyone can write about the virtues of something they're selling, but local customer testimonials, complete with names and towns, tell the real story.  Here are some from our customers who know our farm and eat our food products:


"Sugar Haven Farms provides my family with the best meat and eggs we have found locally.  Not only do we get the best quality in products but we are also well informed and educated about the industry and its practices." 
  David G. Clarke - Savona, NY  (Bath Farmer's Market Manager)

"Great selection of meats.  Wonderful people and the maple syrup is to die for." 
  Tomer Arnon - Alfred, NY

"We started out with purchasing a few cuts from Sugar Haven Farms a year ago and now we are on our second quarter cow purchase.  The ground meat is perfect."
  Tim Irwin - Bath, NY

"Eric @ sugarhavenfarms has chicken and eggs at a quality we can't get anywhere else.  Last week we made a broth that would make Alice Waters jealous. " 
  Autumn and Eric Payton - Almond, NY

"Ground beef was very lean and excellent taste. We also loved the mild Italian sausage.  It was also lean and little fat." 
  Mary Recek - Alfred, NY

"The deep orange yolks prove that the chickens are outside and not being fed in a windowless barn somewhere.  A local farm that is practicing real sustainable farming."
  Taren Huntington - Wellsville, NY

"We had discussed where to find quality meat at a family gathering and I couldn't wait to tell about Sugar Haven Farms.  We have bought from them for a little over a year and we could not be happier!"
  Sarah Benson - Bath, NY

"Great meat that's reasonably priced and ethically and morally raised by great people that really care about their community and product." 
  Phoenix Teagarden - Alfred, NY

"The quality of these eggs is paralleled by none. No nonsense farming. Quality eggs, excellent taste."
  Anatoly Kishinevski - Alfred, NY

"I have tried many local maple syrups.  Sugar Havens syrup is the most flavorful and delicious and out of all the rest.  It's a true syrup."
  Alekander Khodorkovsky - Alfred, NY

 "The maple syrup tastes just like I remember when I was a kid.  Definitely not like the store bought." 
  Amy Snyder - Campbell, NY

"On the search for high quality local eggs I have discovered Sugar Haven eggs.  The taste and nutritional content is so rich.  I am sold." 
  Lyla Goldstein - Alfred, NY

"Finally, a farm that does not take shortcuts and cares about the animals as much as the products they deliver."
  Alison Branch - Alfred, NY

"I have seen for myself how the animals are treated at Sugar Haven.  I am a customer for life!"
  Jenna Makowski - Alfred, NY


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