Pittsford/Fairport Delivery Schedule

Delivery Address:
90 Fairport Road
East Rochester, NY, 14445
Delivery Partners:

Delivery Location pick up: (Located at the South end of Pittsford Park and Ride.  Look for blue coolers behind trunk of grey car or white truck). This is exit 25 of I-490 or the "St. John Fisher exit).  The parking lot is right next to I-490.  There is a visible clear bus shelter and we will be near the bus shelter.

I490 exit 25.

The pick up time at the delivery location is 1:00 to 1:30 pm.  We will have your orders in numbered grocery bags in our own coolers.  You may want to bring your own cooler for transport from delivery location to your home.  

Home Delivery.  The delivery time for home deliveries will be from 10am to 4pm.  Please leave a cooler and we will place ordered products in the cooler.  You do not need to be present for this delivery and may leave payment in cooler (tape payment to lid inside cooler) or pay with the credit card option.  Home delivery is $3.75 per order.

 Please note that the farm pick up option will require you to pick up at our farm.  No delivery occurs if you select farm pick up.

Since we deliver during the business day, we can also deliver directly to business locations. In fact, we encourage PIttsford/Fairport employers to offer employees the opportunity to have our products delivered to them at work. That is a free benefit they can offer their staff, even those who do not live in town.

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