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Pastured Chicken

Our pasture raised chickens are fed an organic crumble to supplement the nutrition they get from eating live green grass and all the worms and insects they can find. Organic grain insures there is no GMO content. Our pennels are moved to fresh grass daily making the quality of this chicken is second to none. The chickens are processed in a certified 5-A inspected processing facility.

Whole Pasture Chicken (fall 2018 birds 20% discount at $3.00 per pound) (Sugar Haven Farms)

A delicious double breasted white meat bird that is tastier than any chicken you have ever purchased at the grocery store. Prepare by crock pot, grilling, or in the oven. Use leftover bones to make a delicious, golden colored, stock soup for your homemade chicken noodle soup!
1 Whole Chicken | Approx 5 pounds @ $3.00/pounds = $15.00 + $1.00 Assembly
Half Chicken (Fall 2018 Birds) (Sugar Haven Farms)

A half chicken is cut down the middle so you can enjoy all the cuts but in a smaller quantity. Also ideal for people who do not have large cooking pots or pans.
1 Half Chicken | Approx 2.5 pounds = $7.50 + $0.50 Assembly
Chicken Liver (Sugar Haven Farms)

Chicken livers are high in protein and a rich store of Iron and Zinc. With our pastured chickens getting certified non-gmo feed and rotated daily for fresh green material, these livers are a healthy addition to your diet.
1 package of chicken liver (about 12-15 livers) | Approx 1 pound @ $8.50/pound = $8.50 + $0.20 Assembly