Grass Fed Beef

At Sugar Haven Farms we use Management Intensive Grazing (MIG) techniques. This philosophy allows a rest and regrowth period for the grass and soil life. The cows are in one paddock for one day and will not step hoof on that paddock again until grass growth is healthy and vibrant.

Beef Jerky (Original)

Sugar Haven Farms

Sylvester Quality Meats provides the USDA smoker and Sugar Haven Farms provides the premium grass fed beef....

Pattie Burgers

Sugar Haven Farms

This is pre-formed ground beef burgers. There are four patties per package with a total approximately one pound....

Chuck Roast (Bone in)

Sugar Haven Farms

This flat roast is from the front shoulder region of the cow. A tougher cut this will need to be cook slowly in a...

Soup Bones

Sugar Haven Farms

One meaty soup bone in package gives an essence to a stew that regular cooking does not. A long cook with an added...

Delmonico Steak (aka Ribeye)

Sugar Haven Farms

A boneless premium cut from the front part of the short loin on the cow this is ideal for grilling or frying....

Filet (Fillet, Filet Mignon, Tenderloin)

Sugar Haven Farms

This cut is from the smaller end (short loin) of the Tenderloin. This cut is very tender as the muscle group...

Sirloin Steak

Sugar Haven Farms

A mid price range steak, this cut is from the back part of the loin region on an animal. This grill favorite will be...

Beef Short Ribs

Sugar Haven Farms

The ribs from a cow can be grilled, baked or fried. This summer time staple is an important beginning to bragging...

Beef Liver

Sugar Haven Farms

A great source of iron. Beef liver is amazingly nutrient dense.

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