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Grass Fed Beef

At Sugar Haven Farms we use Management Intensive Grazing (MIG) techniques. This philosophy allows a rest and regrowth period for the grass and soil life. The cows are in one paddock for one day and will not step hoof on that paddock again until grass growth is healthy and vibrant.

Ground Beef (Sugar Haven Farms)

Meat that is ground up to create the ultimate all purpose beef product. Limited only by your own creativity, this food staple is a must to have on hand. If you have nothing else in your freezer but our ground beef, you will always eat well. No air in the packaging assures freshness from this grass fed animal that is an important center piece of our sustainable paradigm.
1 package of ground beef | Approx 1.1 pounds @ $6.00/pounds = $6.60 + $0.22 Assembly
Beef Jerky (Sugar Haven Farms)

Sylvester Quality Meats provides the USDA smoker and Sugar Haven Farms provides the premium grass fed beef. SQM's Original Smoked recipe preserves our beef so you can take this snack staple with you in all your travels. This is cured and ready for immediate consumption!
1 package | Approx 0.25 pound @ $20.00/pound = $5.00 + $0.05 Assembly
Pattie Burgers (Sugar Haven Farms)

This is pre-formed ground beef burgers. There are four patties per package with a total approximately one pound. Each patty, precooked, weighs a 1/4 pound. Formed and ready for the grill after thawing this package is sure to be a picnic staple. Each patty is separated by a piece of paper for easy separation of frozen patties.
1 package | Approx 1 pound @ $6.25/pound = $6.25 + $0.20 Assembly
Sliced Sandwich Steak (Sugar Haven Farms)

Often used for sandwiches the thin slices will cook quickly. Philly Cheese Steaks are the most popular use of this cut but your custom sandwich is only limited by your imagination. This cut will need to be cooked as it is not sandwich ready straight from the package!
1 package | Approx 1 pound @ $7.00/pound = $7.00 + $0.20 Assembly
Chuck Roast (Bone in) (Sugar Haven Farms)

This flat roast is from the front shoulder region of the cow. A tougher cut this will need to be cook slowly in a moist environment.
1 roast | Approx 3 pounds @ $6.00/pounds = $18.00 + $0.60 Assembly
Sirloin Tip Roast (Sugar Haven Farms)

One cut away from the sirloin this roast is tender enough to be oven roasted or cut up into kabobs. Slow cooking in a moist environment is also a way to prepare this dish.
1 sirloin tip roast | Approx 2.5 pounds @ $7.00/pounds = $17.50 + $0.50 Assembly
Delmonico Steak (aka Ribeye) (Sugar Haven Farms)

A premium cut from the front part of the short loin on the cow this is ideal for grilling or frying. Delmonico steak can handle the high, dry heat and still arrive to the plate tender.
1 delmonico steak | Approx 1.25 pound @ $16.00/pound = $20.00 + $0.25 Assembly
Filet (Fillet, Filet Mignon, Tenderloin) (Sugar Haven Farms)

This cut is from the smaller end (short loin) of the Tenderloin. This cut is very tender as the muscle group receives little exercise due to the location on the animals body. Cut 3/4 inch thick this cut should seldom be cooked beyond medium.
1 steak | Approx 0.75 pound @ $19.00/pound = $14.25 + $0.15 Assembly
Sirloin Steak (Bone In) (Sugar Haven Farms)

A mid price range steak, this cut is from the back part of the loin region on an animal. This grill favorite will be sure to satiate a steak lover without the premium price. Best if cooked from rare to medium rare.
1 steak | Approx 1 pound @ $8.00/pound = $8.00 + $0.20 Assembly Out of Stock
Brisket (Sugar Haven Farms)

A cut from the lower chest of the beef cow. Made popular with the St. Patrick's dish "corned beef and cabbage". This cut is not tender so it needs to be cooked slowly in a moist environment. The sizes are highly variable on this cut ranging from one pound to four pounds. If you have a strong preference please let me know.
1 brisket | Approx 5 pound @ $6.25/pound = $31.25 + $0.50 Assembly
Beef Short Ribs (Sugar Haven Farms)

The ribs from a cow can be grilled, baked or fried. This summer time staple is an important beginning to bragging rights in the neighborhood. A pound of ribs is in each order but may come in several package as there is no universal size for ribs.
1 package of beef short ribs | Approx 2 pounds @ $5.50/pounds = $11.00 + $0.40 Assembly
Beef Liver (Sugar Haven Farms)

A great source of iron the beef liver is amazingly nutrient dense.
1 package | Approx 1 pound @ $4.00/pound = $4.00 + $0.20 Assembly