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Bulk Bundle Packages

Be rewarded for buying bulk. Bundle Packages are a chance to get a larger purchase order without having to pay retail for everything.

Meatloaf Mania! (Sugar Haven Farms)

10 pounds of ground beef for your freezer. Stock up on a staple you know you will need! (Each package contains about 1.10 pounds so there will be 9 packages of ground beef)
1 bundle | Approx 10 pounds @ $5.10/pounds = $51.00 + $2.00 Assembly
Sampler Savings (Sugar Haven Farms)

This bulk bundle package will give you a nice cross sample of the grass fed beef, pastured chicken, and pastured pork. This package will contain three pounds of grass fed ground beef, one beef roast, two whole chickens, and six packages of various sausage. This rewards customers for purchasing meat in bulk.
1 bulk bundle | Approx 21 pounds = $91.00 + $4.20 Assembly