Sugar Haven Farms

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Pastured Pork

Sugar Haven pigs are fed feed that contains no GMO's in the corn or soy and of course no herbicides or pesticides. The pigs are kept in doors until they are eighty to ninety pounds at which size they can out run a black bear. Yes, black bear is a serious predator problem and a small pig will be a tasty snack for the shiny black bear. The pigs are then put out to pasture where they can enjoy rooting for treats and help participate in the compost program.

Bacon (Sugar Haven Farms)

A sliced cut of pork belly is cured to create this delicious breakfast favorite!
1 package | Approx 1 pound @ $9.50/pound = $9.50 + $0.20 Assembly Out of Stock
Hot Dogs (Sugar Haven Farms)

This lunch staple is 75% pork and 25% beef. Both pork and beef come from Sugar Haven Farms. Each package contains eight hot dogs per package. The added pork creates a moist environment for the hot dogs to cook allowing forgiveness for the chef who may not be paying close attention!
1 package (8 hot dogs) | Approx 1 pounds = $7.00 + $0.20 Assembly
Ground Pork (Sugar Haven Farms)

This ground pork is for people with their own preferred recipe for sausage. With ground pork you have a strong beginning to your dish the possibilities are endless!
1 package | Approx 1 pound @ $5.25/pound = $5.25 + $0.20 Assembly Out of Stock
Breakfast Sausage Loose (Sugar Haven Farms)

Ground breakfast sausage is ready to pat into disks or to crumble into recipes.
1 package | Approx 1 pound @ $6.00/pound = $6.00 + $0.20 Assembly
Small Breakfast Pork Sausage links (Sugar Haven Farms)

12 links in one package. The smaller breakfast pork sausage links cook quicker to get your day started right!
1 package | Approx 1.4 pounds @ $6.50/pounds = $9.10 + $0.28 Assembly Out of Stock
Mild Italian Sausage Ground (Sugar Haven Farms)

Ready to be formed into disks or added to recipes this favorite is a nice addition to Italian dishes as well as the breakfast table. These vacuum sealed packages create a wonderful addition for the most important meal of the day.
1 package | Approx 1 pound @ $6.00/pound = $6.00 + $0.20 Assembly
Hot Italian Sausage (Sugar Haven Farms)

For the spice lovers. A hot Italian sausage sure to spice up your dishes!
1 package | Approx 1 pound @ $6.00/pound = $6.00 + $0.20 Assembly
Hot Italian Sausage Links (Sugar Haven Farms)

For the spicy folks! 6 links per package. These links contain "Pepper Red Hot" as the ingredient that separates the links from the mild Italian sausage.
1 package (6 links) | Approx 1.5 pounds @ $6.50/pounds = $9.75 + $0.30 Assembly
Pork Chops (2 per package) (Sugar Haven Farms)

Pork chops are great for roasting, grilling, or frying. A hearty meal for the cold winter.
1 package | Approx 1 pound @ $7.50/pound = $7.50 + $0.20 Assembly
Pork Shoulder (bone-in) (Sugar Haven Farms)

Also called Boston Butt, this cut comes from the upper part of the shoulder of the pig. This bone-in cut is most commonly used in making pulled pork and a properly cooked pork shoulder can give a family member bragging rights for an entire year! Pork shoulder is best cooked in lower heat (200-250) for a long period of time. *Butt is old English for "the widest part". The widest part of a pig is the shoulder!
1 pork shoulder | Approx 2.5 pounds @ $6.00/pounds = $15.00 + $0.50 Assembly Out of Stock
Picnic Roast (bone-in) (Sugar Haven Farms)

This bone in roast is located below the shoulder. This cut is great for braising or smoking. Long, slow cooking techniques make this cut tender and juicy.
1 picnic roast | Approx 4.5 pounds @ $5.50/pounds = $24.75 + $0.90 Assembly
Spare Ribs (Sugar Haven Farms)

The culinary possibilities are only limited by your imagination. A whole sub culture exists, with bragging rights, in the several avenues available in making spare ribs into grilled masterpiece.
1 section | Approx 2.5 pounds @ $5.00/pounds = $12.50 + $0.50 Assembly Out of Stock
Sweet Italian Ground Sausage (Sugar Haven Farms)

A lightly sweetened taste is added to ground sausage. Works well with stuffed peppers or on its own as part of a meal!
1 package | Approx 1 pound @ $6.00/pound = $6.00 + $0.20 Assembly